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Episode 51

It has been a few months since Chris & D.J. had a chance to sit down and talk about beer, life, and Knoxville’s craft beer scene, and a lot has happened! Chris dislocated his kneecap, and D.J. spent a small fortune on craft beer in Atlanta… and much beer has been consumed in the ensuing months that has gone uncovered. 


In this episode, they discuss: 

  • The creation of HumblePod
  • D.J.’s trip to Atlanta
    • Red Hare
    • Braves Game
    • Reformation Brewing
  • Chris’s dislocated kneecap
  • Beer in Neyland Stadium
  • New breweries in Knoxville
  • Central Ave. Revitalization
  • Drinking beer from Marble Brewing Company (yes, THAT Marble Brewing)



Theme Song: “These Days” by Kelsey’s Woods
Location: HumblePod Studio

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