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What’s better than a tour of Knoxville’s finest breweries? How about touring some of the most highly anticipated, soon to be open breweries in Knoxville with the brewers of said breweries? Sound too good to be true? Well, that was the pitch that Chris & DJ got from Zack Roskop at Knox Brew Tours. And, believe it or not, it happened… and we have the podcast to prove it!

This epicness could not be contained to one podcast though, and we had to be split into two episodes. We think you’ll understand why once you listen. So come and join the Chris & DJ as they go on a trip with Zack Roskop of Knox Brew Tours, Aaron McClain of Crafty Bastard Brewery, Matthew Cummings of Pretentious Beer Glass & Brewing, and Adam Ingle from Alliance Brewing as they discuss the craft of getting a brewery off the ground and the burgeoning craft beer scene in Knoxville.

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Theme Song: “These Days” by Kelsey’s Woods

Videography: Bahar Hill

Periscope: Johnathan Harris


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